Tuesday, 1 October 2013

First Post, wow

Hey everyone, wow this is my first blog post and I am extremely nervous about the reaction. This is just a little introduction for you all who will eventually read this and actually (if that's possible) like what I write. I just want this blog to be about a lot of things! Like, fashion, makeup book, movies, and life in general. I hope you all will enjoy your time reading about me! So here's just a little information concerning your lovely blogger! 

  1. I love to read and write, so if you read as much as I do message me!
  2. I'm 16 years young and I live in Melbourne, Australia 
  3. I have a little Youtube channel called - Tyler Redmond :)
  4. I want to travel the world, even though I've never been out of the country, hahah!
Well, that's all there is about myself! Nothing interesting at all it seems! Hopefully I'll be quite active and hopefully I'll get to meet new people on this thing! I hope to talk to all of your soon,

kind regards- Tyler Redmond 

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